Welcome to my randomness

Hi, I’m Frans.

I love technology and I enjoy writing and speaking about security, .Net, Azure and GDPR - not necessarily in that order. When not doing that, I design and build systems at NewOrbit.

Recent Blog Posts

28 May 2019

Azure Security Talk at rg-dev

I did a talk on "How to secure your web-app in Azure" at rg-dev

20 May 2019

Find SELECT N+1 with Application Insights

With ORMs it's very easy to write code that calls SQL many times to serve a single web requests, and it can be hard to find it. Application Insights can...

29 Apr 2019

Everything I thought I knew about Async in C# was wrong

The way Async is being described, it sounds like it will make your code faster and more scalable, whilst solving all your problems and achieving world peace - all before...

11 Apr 2019

Add new user to all my Azure subscriptions

Add a new user to all my Azure subscriptions using Azure CLI