Welcome to my randomness

Hi, I’m Frans.

I love technology and I enjoy writing and speaking about security, .Net, Azure and GDPR - not necessarily in that order. When not doing that, I design and build systems at NewOrbit.

Recent Blog Posts

20 May 2019

Find SELECT N+1 with Application Insights

With ORMs it's very easy to write code that calls SQL many times to serve a single web requests, and it can be hard to find it. Application Insights can...

29 Apr 2019

Everything I thought I knew about Async in C# was wrong

The way Async is being described, it sounds like it will make your code faster and more scalable, whilst solving all your problems and achieving world peace - all before...

11 Apr 2019

Add new user to all my Azure subscriptions

Add a new user to all my Azure subscriptions using Azure CLI

03 Oct 2018

Publish Nuget packages with Azure Dev Ops

Use GitFlow and Azure Devops to automatically publish Nuget packages with sensible version numbers