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Hi, I’m Frans.

I love technology and I enjoy writing and speaking about security, .Net, Azure and GDPR - not necessarily in that order. When not doing that, I design and build systems at NewOrbit.

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29 Jun 2017

Azure Failover and Resilience

Azure provides a highly resilient hosting platform, with significant built-in redundancy, but it can be hard to understand what resilience you get automatically and what you might have to set...

30 Jan 2017

Combine documents with other data in Azure Search

Azure Search has built-in support for indexing documents in blob storage, which works great. But what if you want to combine the documents with other data, for example if you are...

06 Jan 2017

How many ways can I host a web app in Azure?

I got talking to a colleague about how many ways there are to host web apps in Azure and even managed to surprise myself by just how many ways I...

06 Dec 2016

Find docs with no PartitionKey in Azure DocumentDb

When you are using Partitioned Collections in Azure DocumentDb you need to specify a Partition Key on each Document. At least, I thought you did. But, it turns out that...