Why write a blog?

Ever since I left Denmark I've maintained a blog in Danish, on and off, to keep my friends and family back home updated on what I am up to. As time has gone by, I found myself updating it less and less frequently - not least because I found it frustrating not to be able to write about what goes on in the UK. I like to comment on a lot of things, but a lot of things have no relevance either outside the UK or to a non-technical crowd. So, I figured I would try a blog in English. Whether anyone will ever read it remains to be seen - and I'm not sure I will actually be able to keep on posting but we shall see.

If nothing else, it'll serve as a place for me to pour some thoughts into and keep them for the future.

Now I just need to get enough free time to dismantle the Blogger template structure so I can make this webpage look like I want it to be...