Migrate to the Cloud

I gave a talk aimed at CTO’s and technical decision-makers at a Leaders in Tech meetup in Reading in September 2019. I realised I hadn’t posted about it before, but I have shared the video many times, and it continues to hit home with technical decision-makers, whether you are already in the Cloud or still planning to move - and whichever Cloud platform you prefer.

The subjects I cover are relevant not only for migrating to the Cloud but also as a general guide for thinking about Cloud development and how it differs from on-prem or co-lo.

  • Will a move to the Cloud jeopardise or improve my compliance and security stance?

  • Is it actually cheaper or more expensive than on-premise? What are the most common mistakes people make when moving to the Cloud?

  • Should I just replicate my on-premise setup in the Cloud - or should I rewrite everything from scratch?